Florida PACE Funding Agency

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Alliance NRG Program1                Counterpointe SRE A Hannon Armstrong Partner

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing

The Florida PACE Funding Agency offers both a residential – AllianceNRG ProgramTM - and commercial – CounterpointeSRETM, PACE financing program.  They are simple and effective financing solutions for energy efficiency, resiliency and sustainability improvements to your property. Both programs offer 100% financing of all costs of the improvement, including hard and soft development costs, design, engineering, permits and service contracts.  Projects are financed over the useful life of the improvement, up to 30 years, with competitive, fixed long-term interest rates.  The rates vary depending on the term.  Property owners can apply online or by phone.


For more information about PACE:


Telephone: 855-509-9922

Email (Property Owner): Information@AllianceNRG.com

Email (Contractors): Contractorenrollment@AllianceNRG.com

Website: www.AllianceNRG.com



Telephone: 855-431-4400

Email (Property Owner): Inquiry@CounterpointeSRE.com 

Email (Contractors): Contractor@CounterpointeES.com

Website: www.CounterpointeSRE.com


Government Relations:

Telephone: 855-431-4400

Email: Gov@CounterpointeES.com

Website: www.FloridaPACE.gov