The City of Kissimmee is closely monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak and potential impacts within the United States. More information on our current status and information on the situation is found on our Coronavirus information page.

City Government

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The City of Kissimmee operates under a 'Council-Manager' form of government.  This popular form of government combines the political leadership of its elected officials with the strong managerial experience of a City Manager, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the City. The City of Kissimmee consists of 12 Departments and 700 employees.

The employees of the City of Kissimmee believe in order to do the best job possible, we must define our Mission in the community and state the values we hold. Our Mission is what we do, while our values define how we, as individuals and as an organization, go about successfully completing our Mission.

The City of Kissimmee's Mission is to provide quality, effective and efficient service to our citizens. In providing such service, we hold the following values:

  • We value education and training to bring about a professional commitment to efficiently serve our community
  • We value employees, who are loyal to the organization because only then are they committed to the goals of the organization
  • We value communication as a necessary tool in promoting teamwork throughout the City
  • We value employees, who exhibit basic moral values that stress the importance of treating co-workers and citizens with respect and fairness
  • We take pride in our work and we value being the best we can be

It is our fervent commitment to foster an environment of respect for the rights of all people. We pledge this to our customers... the citizens of Kissimmee.