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Obtain a Local Vendor Affidavit

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Obtain the City's Local Vendor Affidavit form at the City at anytime, for purposes of validating eligibility, may request the vendor to provide additional information including, but not limited to the following most recent information:

  1. A physical business address;
  2. A copy of a current Osceola County, City of Kissimmee or City of St. Cloud Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as an “occupational license”) to verify the business location;
  3. Proof of payment of real and/or tangible property tax due to Osceola County;
  4. A copy of the firm’s or corporation’s articles of incorporation and its Florida Certificate of Incorporation. If the company is not incorporated, a list of names and addresses of all owners/partners and percentage of ownership for each as well as a fictitious name registration shall be provided;
  5. A complete list of all employees, an address for each employee, and proof of payment to each employee, such as a payroll and/or cancelled check;
  6. Any other additional information necessary to verify local status.