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Six months ago, the City of Kissimmee installed head out angle parking spaces between Monument and Sproule Avenues, on the north side of Church Street. These parking spaces were installed as part of a trial to determine if angled parking was beneficial to those working and visiting along Church Street. The installation of these angled parking spaces provided for 69 additional parking spaces and added much needed traffic calming measures to improve safety along Church Street.


Head out angled parking has been shown to offer the following safety features to motorist and their passengers: 

1) Pulling out of the space is safer, because you are pulling into traffic, not backing into traffic.  Also, drivers find it easier looking over their shoulder to see when traffic has cleared, rather than trying to look behind them to back into traffic.

2) Packages and others items can be loaded into the trunk or hatch back of a vehicle from the sidewalk and not while standing in the street.

3) Car doors open and funnel passengers, especially children to the sidewalk and not to the street and into traffic.


If the City Commission elects to keep head out angled parking on Church Street, the plan is to:

1) Resurface the street and repaint all the lines.

2) Expand the parking to at least two additional blocks of Church Street.

3) Reduce the angle of the parking spaces to make backing in easier.

4) Make changes at the intersections to improve visibility such as the addition of curbing and higher visibility striping.


Please note: There is no plan to expand this type of parking onto any portion on Broadway.


If you have any additional questions please contact Craig Holland at or 407-518-2148.