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Equipment Inventory

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- Perform transmission services using a top-of-the-line transmission fluid exchanger. This machine reduces time and saves money on transmission filters; it also changes 98% of the fluid unlikeTractor Equipment the conventional way of changing only up to 50%.

- EVAP Leak Detection Smoke Machine allows mechanics to easily detect any type of leak that may be of concern, such as oil, water, air, transmission, hydraulic, and exhaust

Computer Software- Cummins Insite Software is used to diagnose Heavy Duty Cummins engines

- International Maxxforce Software is used to diagnose Heavy Duty International engines

- Heavy Duty Allison Transmission Software

Engine Diagnosis- Ford and Chevrolet Module Reprogramming involves the mechanics having the equipment and knowledge to perform dealer reprograms in-house

- Identifix Online Diagnostic Troubleshooter

- Mitchell On Demand Online Diagnostics Troubleshooter

- (2) 10,000 Pound Lifts

- (3) 18,000 Four-Post Drive on Lifts   Vacuum 1

- (1) Motorcycle Lift

- (1) In-Ground Lift

- (1) Frame Lift in the Tire Shop

- (1) In-Ground Pit used for Service and Repairs on Heavy Trucks and Equipment