Police Services Fee Schedule

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Below are the listed fees for certain police services.  Please contact the Records Unit at 407.847.0176 with questions.




Police Incident Report

No charge for copies under 25 pages

$.15 per page 25+ pages

Audio/Video CD (i.e. 911 call)


Photos on CD or prints


Finger Prints

$10.00 for Osceola County Residents

$25.00 for Non-Residents

Local Background Checks


Repair Ticket


Alcohol Permit for Special Events


Extensive Research Charge for Clerical Labor

$Hourly salary

  • Traffic Crash Reports
    • Reports are available for the parties involved and their insurance companies/attorneys only within the first 60 days.  After 60 days the report becomes public record.
  • Parking Tickets
    • Parking tickets are due within 10 days of the offense.  After 10 days a $10.00 late fee is assessed and sent to collections.
      • Parking tickets are paid on-line or by mail ONLY
        • On-line option click here
        • Check or money order made payable to
          • Kissimmee Parking Ticket Program, P.O. Box 865317, Orlando, FL 32886-5317

See below for fee schedule


Parking Offense


Disable Parking/Handicap


Failure to Display Handicap Permit

$  25.00

Fire Lane/Hydrant/Red/Yellow Curb

$  25.00

Parked on Sidewalk/Crosswalk

$  25.00

Blocking Driveway/Roadway

$  25.00

Double Parked

$  25.00

No Parking/Stopping/Standing

$  25.00

Extended Over Lines

$  25.00

Over the Posted Time Limit

$  25.00

Wrong Direction

$  25.00


$  25.00