Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant

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The Kissimmee Police Department plans to use the 2017 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) to support the funding of salary and benefits for one Sergeant and two Police Officer positions as well as the cost of administering the grant. The total cost of the Kissimmee Police Officer Funding Project is $285,189. The funds provided by the 2017 JAG program are $34,833 and the City of Kissimmee will provide $250,356 in matching funds.

1. Implement strategies for crime prevention, public safety and awareness
2. Ensure effective utilization of resources in addressing issues of crime and disorder.

Community Based Program / Crime Prevention / Gangs / Policing Strategy

It is anticipated that calls for law enforcement services will increase as will criminal arrest for fiscal year 2017.

The Kissimmee Police Department uses an Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) crime control strategy.  The purpose of this strategy is to identify hot spots and direct resources to those areas of crime and disorder in a timely and coordinated manner. The Sergeant and two Police Officers are assigned to the Patrol Division. The Patrol Division works in conjunction with the Department’s ILP policing strategy to address identified crime and disorder problems in neighborhoods throughout the City of Kissimmee.

ILP policing strategies utilize crime analysis information to target crime patterns and neighborhood quality of life issues including incipient gang activity. These efforts have contributed to a reduction in targeted crime in the City of Kissimmee. We plan to deploy our resources to effectively meet the needs of the community.

The City plans to establish a comprehensive public awareness program to include crime prevention activities as well as develop and implement a marketing campaign to highlight the Department’s efforts. Additionally, the Department plans to further partnerships with the community in order to teach property safety habits and crime prevention tactis to better project their belongings from theft. This program is part of our on-going “See It, Say It” community partnership program.

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