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The Kissimmee Police Department has one certified Canine Team and one Canine Team in training.  Officer Strickland and his canine Daman are certified and currently patrolling the streets.  Officer Stinson and his canine Sam are in training.  Canine Daman is a Belgian Malinois/Shepard and Canine Sam is a Belgian Malinois. Each team is certified in obedience, tracking, protection, and  apprehension.  Canine Daman is certified in narcotics and Canine Sam is currently being trained to detect explosives.   

The teams' responsibilities are to provide back up for officers on patrol, be available for narcotic searches or explosive searches on vehicles and track felony suspects. They also are responsible for conducting building and area searches, apprehending felony suspects and keeping other officers out of immediate danger.

Another function of the team is community relations. They take part in several demonstrations each month, mostly at schools, but also for the general public. Through the demonstrations the teams promote the necessity of the Canine Unit and the dangers of drugs in the community.  To request a canine demonstration, send an e-mail the public information officer

Both canines are very new members of the Kissimmee Police Department. Daman started his career in 2017 and Sam in 2018.  They  are required to complete more than 900 hours of State-mandated training before being released on street patrol.