Patrol Division

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Patrol Division The Patrol Division of the Kissimmee Police Department is the largest, most visible and recognizable of all the divisions within the Department, operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Patrol officers are first responders who provide proactive police patrols, enforce state and local laws, traffic laws and report offenses. In short, Patrol performs intial investigation into offenses and prevents and deters crimes through their presence and proactive patrolling.

The Patrol Division has an authorized strength of 74 personnel. The division is led by a Division Captain and encompasses two platoons, each platoon consists of four squads. The patrol shifts work in 12-hour rotation with both day and night shift coverage.  These shifts are led by Watch Commanders who oversee two Sergeants and 14 sworn personnel. 

Additionally, the city is geographically split into an East and West Districts both consisting of three areas. Each area is broken down further into smaller beats. The Division utilizes marked patrol units along with bike and foot patrols.

The Patrol Division oversees the K9 Teams.

The Patrol Division also houses the majortiy of the civilian Community Service Officers.  To learn how the community service officers compliment the police department, click below.

Community Service Officers

The Kissimmee Police Department is applying for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant for 2015.  To see the specifics of the grant please click here.  To provide a comment about the grant, please click here.


Contact Information:

Captain Jeffrey Tambasco
Email: Captain Tambasco
Phone: 407.847.0176 ext. 3226

Watch Commanders

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