School Resource Officers

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School Resource Officers are highly visible members of the staff at each school. In addition to serving as a resource for teachers and administrators, they also teach students about law, ethics and other character building topics.

The School Resource Officers (SRO) are trained to teach several different curriculums to students. These programs are designed to integrate a proactive and preventative approach regarding gangs, drugs and violence. Students learn the importance of making a commitment to being drug-free and violence-free.

SRO Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide a safe educational environment for students and staff
  • Bridge the gap between police officers and students
  • Increase positive attitude towards law enforcement
  • Encourage cooperation between students and police
  • Deter criminal activity among youth
School Resource Officers    
 Officer Maria Munoz

Kissimmee Elementary School

Cypress Elementary School

Mill Creek Elementary School

Flora Ridge Elementary School

SRO Munoz
 Officer Robert Stuart

Highlands Elementary School

Central Ave. Elementary School

Thacker Ave. Elementary School

Flora Ridge Elementary School

SRO Stuart  

Officer Angel Durham/ Officer Chris Halle

Osceola High School

SRO Durham

SRO Halle

Officer Marlon Dunston

Denn John Middle School

SRO Dunston

Officer Robert Kloznick

Kissimmee Middle School

SRO Kloznick