Forensics Unit

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Crime SceneThe Forensics Unit of the Kissimmee Police Department serves as the repository for all evidence held by the Department. At any given time there are more than 20,000 items of evidence secured with the Evidence Vaults located at Police Headquarters. The Forensics Unit is staffed by a two property clerks and three crime scene technicians.

The property clerk is responsible for the intake, transmission to support laboratories for analysis, and storage of all evidence recovered by members of the Kissimmee Police Department. The crime scene technicians are trained in forensic science and are able to collect items of trace evidence that will lead to the identification of criminal suspects. Each of the crime scene technicians receives specialized training, which enables them to support the officers and serve the citizens of Kissimmee.

The Crime Scene Technicians provide the following services: latent fingerprint recovery, crime scene photography, scale crime scene drawings, casting of foot and tire impressions, collection of trace items of evidence, and provide evidence collection training to members of the Kissimmee Police Department. The Unit is continually striving to identify and use the most up-to-date technology to better serve the citizens of Kissimmee.