Property Crimes Unit

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Several detectives are dedicated to investigating property crimes, which includes the theft of money or property without the threat of violence.  These crimes include burglary, thefts, and motor vehicle thefts.  This unit is also responsible for overseeing pawn transactions conducted within the City limits. These detectives work a variety of challenging cases each year.

The economic crimes detectives handle a variety of financial crimes, which occur in every facet of the community.  Crimes investigated by these detectives center around those intending to defraud or obtain money of property by false pretenses or deception.  They include forgeries, counterfeiting, organized and communication fraud, check and credit card fraud, identity theft, other occupational fraud, scams, exploitation of the elderly and many other thefts.  By their very nature these cases are generally lengthy and complicated.  

 Crime Analysis also falls within the Property Crimes Unit.