Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program - Keeping Illegal Activity out of Rental Properties

The Crime Free Multi Housing (CFMH) program was created and implemented successfully in Mesa Arizona in 1992. The program was researched and adjusted to accommodate our community’s needs and desires, keeping in mind our unique and ever changing population. With reported results of a 90% decrease in calls for police service in other communities already utilizing the program, the Kissimmee Police Department’s desire to duplicate these results in our local apartment communities made good sense.

The program takes a multi-faceted approach to crime prevention, enlisting property owners, managers, employees and residents, and educating them on the various aspects of crime prevention specific to their group members. Cooperation and communication between all parties is an integral part of the program’s success, and is proven to work.

The CFMH certification process covers the following:
• an 8 hour crime prevention training class for apartment managers and their staff

• a business security survey of the property and its units. This incorporates Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, pointing out areas of concern and providing recommendations and required changes needed to improve the overall security of the property. This sometimes results in marginal cost to the property owners

• a Safety Social gathering, hosted by community management, where the Police Department, residents and staff come together, talking and engaging in ways to keep “their” neighborhood safe from crime.

Crime Free Multi-Housing CPTED Requirements:

  • 180 Degree eye viewer in all front doors
  • One inch deadbolts on all exterior doors
  • Minimum of three (3) screws in strike plate or have metal door frames
  • Lift and slide protection on accessible windows (Bottom Floors)
  • Lift and slide protection on accessible sliding doors (Bottom Floors)
  • Adequate security lighting in working order throughout the property
  • Properly trimmed (CPTED Standards) landscaping on the property
  • Inoperable or vehicles with expired registration tagged and removed from the property
  • Visible display of property address from the roadway

The City of Kissimmee has three (3) rental communities  that are certified in the CFMH Program:

  • Lake Tivoli - Certified in July 2013
  • Regatta Bay - Certified in September 2014
  • Oak Leaf Landing - Certified February 2015