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Business Watch and Problem Solving Program Components

The Problem Oriented Policing Unit at the Kissimmee Police Department serves as a resource to the business community.  Becoming a member of the Business Watch Program provides the opportunity for local businesses to strengthen their partnership with the Police Department.  The Business Watch Program actively engages in:  
• Promotion of a business becoming acquainted with neighboring businesses 
• Encouragement of the business community to work together in a mutual assistance program 
• Training of personnel employed by local businesses to recognize and call police to report suspicious persons and activities 
• Implementation of techniques to handle emergencies, provide for better security, and other crime prevention measures 
• Provision of tips to prevent fraud and shoplifting 
• Helping to solve problems in the business community through a strengthened partnership with the Police  Department 
• Sharing information about other available resources to assist with solving problems in the business community 
•Creating a more direct link of communication between the Kissimmee Police Department and community businesses 

As a member of the Business Watch Program, participants will be provided window decals to alert would-be thieves and trouble makers that employees of the business have been trained in crime prevention techniques and that other crime prevention measures have been taken. 

Participating members will be added to the Merchant Alert Notification System which will notify the business community of crime trends or other areas of concern.
Business Watch signs, similar to Neighborhood Watch Signs, will be put at all entrances to the shopping center providing that 50 percent of the businesses in the center participate in the program.

 Business Watch Members Are Encouraged To Do The Following:

• Develop emergency procedures in the event of a robbery, sudden illness, natural disaster, active shooter incident, etc. 
• Develop and train employees in recommended opening and closing procedures, in handling money drops and bank deposits 
• Conduct a self-security survey to better secure the building against burglary, robbery and shoplifting 

The Kissimmee Police Department is available to assist with any of the steps previously mentioned upon request.  Simply call the Problem Oriented Policing Unit at the Kissimmee Police Department to set up an appointment.    

Business Watch Meetings

The goal of the Kissimmee Police Department is to host four Business Watch meetings annually with all members.  Each of the meetings should not last any longer than an hour.  The purpose of the meetings is to discuss any new trends or up-ticks in crime, share crime prevention tips, and discuss matters of concern as may pertain to the business community.

Business Watch Members are also encouraged to meet among themselves and create communication networks.  It is suggested that anywhere between 5 and 10 neighboring businesses, within a specific common area, meet to discuss topics of interest.  Getting to know your neighbors will assist in the ability to create communication networks.  This fosters better communication among businesses and is an important part of crime prevention efforts.  Upon request, a member of the Kissimmee Police Department will attend the meetings. 

Merchant Alert
Merchant Alert is part of Business Watch. It's a way to alert merchants of potential security risks reported to police. For example, if a person reports the theft of a checkbook, Merchant Alert provides information regarding the stolen checks. The idea is to make the business community aware of such theft in order for merchants to avoid the experience of suffering a loss by accepting one of the stolen checks.  Likewise, businesses can assist police by reporting that someone has attempted to use those stolen checks as well, which could assist in apprehending the suspect. Merchant Alert notifications can be issued via e-mail, fax or by automated phone notification systems.

Crime Prevention is Everyone’s Responsibility  

The Kissimmee Police Department believes the Business Watch Program is a proactive step toward preventing crime by partnering with the business community.  Another advantage is there is no financial cost to become a member.  Join today by clicking the link at the top of this page.