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Fee Waiver Grant Application Process

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Some organizations have the opportunity to apply for a grant to waive certain fees to hold, open to the public community events. Grant funds are intended to supplement the costs of the event and are not intended to cover the total cost of the event. There are Three (3) application periods:


Events held between October 1st and January 31st 

April 1st                                              Application Period Opens
May 1st                                               Application Period Closes
May                                                     Application Review Period
June PARAB Meeting                        “Park Tank” -Applicants invited to attend PARAB meeting
July/August/September                    Attend Monthly Special Events Committee Meeting


Events held between February 1st and May 31st

August 1st                                           Application Period Opens
September 1st                                    Application Period Closes
September                                          Application Review Period
October PARAB Meeting                   “Park Tank” -Applicants invited to attend PARAB meeting
November/December/January         Attend Monthly Special Events Committee Meeting


Events held between June 1st and September 30th

December 1st                                    Application Period Opens
January 1st                                         Application Period Closes
January                                               Application Review Period
February PARAB Meeting                “Park Tank” -Applicants invited to attend PARAB meeting
March/April/May                              Attend Monthly Special Events Committee Meeting


The submission of a Fee Waiver Grant Application does not guarantee award of the grant or approval of an event. All organizations, whether applying for a grant or not, must complete an event reservation application and provide a reservation deposit to hold the date of the proposed event. Organizations that do not receive a grant will be charged accordingly.


In order to be eligible to apply for a fee waiver grant, the event must be an open to the public, community event, and the organization must meet at least 1 (one) of the following criteria:

1) Non-profit organization with a current 501(C)3 certificate
2) Government agency
3) An agency in which the City is a member 

Entities receiving monies from any other funding source offered by the City of Kissimmee shall be ineligible for monies distributed from the Event Fee Waiver Grant program fund.


Important Notice:
If you have previously received a fee waiver grant and did not complete all commitments or failed to perform in any way, points may be deducted from your current fee waiver ranking or your submittal may be eliminated altogether from the fee waiver grant process. That determination will be made by the individuals ranking this application.


Funding Cap:
There is a funding cap of $3,000 per event. No applicant shall receive a grant in an amount greater than $3,000. This is not a cash grant. Awards may only be used for City services which includes but are not limited to:

·         Staffing costs
·         Equipment Rentals
·         Facility Rentals
·         Traffic / Street / Sanitation Services
·         Permit Fees (excluding Kissimmee Police Department alcohol permit fee) 

Events must be held on City owned property. Special circumstances for equipment rentals shall be approved by the Parks and Recreation Director or designee. The Kissimmee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB) is a nine (9) member board that will conduct the review and ranking of all applications. The PARAB also determines the amount of each fee waiver grant.


Grant Final Report:
Applicants receiving grant funding shall complete a “Grant Final Report” to validate that all funds were used appropriately and in accordance with their Contract or License Agreement and all established policies. The Grant Final Report shall be completed and submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department no later than 30 days after the event. Failure to provide the Grant Final Report may negatively impact future funding requests. 

1)    Actual Event Budget including Profit and Loss Statement and a Revenue Report.
2)    The total number of attendees for the event.
3)    Complete list of all vendors associated with the event including their contact information.
4)    A copy of all marketing material used to market, promote and advertise the event.  

Failure to submit a Grant Final Report in accordance with this policy shall automatically disqualify an organization from submitting a future request to the Event Fee Waiver Grant program for the remainder of the current fiscal year plus one additional fiscal year.


Event Approval:
All special request(s) from an applicant shall be submitted in writing to the Parks & Recreation Department. The approval or denial of any special request(s) (i.e. insurance amendments, contract revisions, fees, policy amendments, etc.) shall be provided in writing to the applicant by the Parks & Recreation Department. 

No revisions or amendments to the final Contract, License Agreement, or related items shall be made without prior written notification and approval from the City’s Parks & Recreation Director or designee.

The Parks & Recreation Department shall provide a copy of the Contract or License Agreement to the applicant once it has been fully executed (i.e. signed and completed by all parties).

Once an applicant is awarded a fee grant waiver, the applicant or designee shall be required to attend the appropriate monthly Special Events Committee Meeting for logistics planning.


Marketing Requirements
All applicants receiving grant funding of any amount from the City of Kissimmee pursuant to this policy shall incorporate the City’s approved logo on all marketing, promotional, and advertising materials. This includes, but is not limited to, television, website and social media posts.

The City of Kissimmee shall be named as an event sponsor for all non-textual based marketing, promotional, and advertising materials. This includes advertisements or promotions aired on any radio station, including internet streaming radio like stations.


Review, Ranking & Selection:
All grant funding applications shall be ranked by the PARAB using the following criteria:  

Organization Structure (Mandatory Questions, no point value)

  • How long has the sponsoring organization been incorporated?
  • How long has the sponsoring organization physically been in operation?
  • Please provide an organizational chart of the Local Organizing Committee and describe how the sponsoring organization recruit volunteers to facilitate the event.

Organization & Experience (50 Available Points)

  • Has the sponsoring organization previously produced an event in Kissimmee? If so, please
    identify the event(s). (20 pts)
  • Has this specific event been previously produced? If so, when and where was the event held? (10 pts)
  • What is the uniqueness of the proposed event? (10 pts)                                  
  • How does the proposed event support the organization’s mission and benefit residents? (10 pts)   

Event Revenue and Economic Impact (25 Available Points)

  • Will the proposed event impact local businesses? If so, please describe the impact. (15 pts)
  • Evaluation of Itemized Budget submitted by sponsoring organization. (10 pts)

Marketing (15 Available Points)

  • How does the proposed event benefit the image or reputation of the City? (5 pts)
  • Identify all forms of advertisement to be used and provide a timeline for all promotion and advertising. (5 pts)
  • How much money will the sponsoring organization commit towards advertising? (5 pts)            

Collaboration (10 Available Points)

  • Is the sponsoring organization collaborating with any other non-profit group? If so, please state the
    commitments of all other groups. (5 pts)
  • Has the sponsoring organization solicited local vendors to support the event? If so, please identify all vendors
    that have committed to the event. (5 pts)


After Action Report (Previous Award Recipients Only)
If an organization has previously received grant funding from the Event Fee Waiver Program, did the City’s After Action Report indicate the organization adhered to the requirement within the Fee Waiver Grant policy, event policies/guidelines, or any contracts/agreements?


Fee Waiver Grant Award Matrix:
The overall percentage of the requested amount of expenses to be waived by the City shall be determined by the total points earned during the scoring process. The breakdown of the percentage that shall be waived is as follows:

   Percentage of Maximum of Award
 PARAB Score (Points  Year 1  Year 2  Year 3  Year 4
 90 - 100  100  80  60  40
 80 - 89  90  70  50  30
 70 - 79  80  60  40  20
 60 - 69  70  50  30  10
 50 - 59  60  40  20  
 40 - 49  50  30  10  
 30 - 39  40  20    
 20 - 29  30  10    
 10 - 19  20      
 0 - 9  10      



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