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What is GIS?

To understand more about GIS, please refer to the following breakdown:

Globe Geographic - Information with a location (parks, schools, churches, water pipes, police vehicles, fire vehicles, City personnel, etc.) 
Map Information - Data in a meaningful context (crime, demographics, City assets, customer data, schedules, etc.)
Computer System - People, methods, data, software, hardware (City Staff, GPS, plotters, scanners, digital cameras, ArcGIS, ACADD, Databases, etc.) 

Geographic Information System, commonly referred to as a GIS, is a computerized mapping system, which was first developed in 1963.

GIS can be as simple, complex or anything in-between. Users can make a simple map or perform in-depth analysis, modeling, transportation routing, reporting, charting, satellite image analysis, GPS tracking, etc.

Its application is limited only by the user’s imagination.

Some current uses of GIS within the City of Kissimmee include:

  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Crime Analysis
  • Sexual Offender Tracking
  • Grant Tracking
  • Cemetery Management
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Transportation Analysis
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Site Location Analysis
  • City Planning
  • Fire Response Management
  • Emergency Mitigation
  • Event Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Flood Plane Analysis
  • Capital Improvement Project Tracking
  • Interactive Maps