The City of Kissimmee is closely monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak and potential impacts within the United States. More information on our current status and information on the situation is found on our Coronavirus information page.

Fire Rescue Operations

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The City of Kissimmee Fire Department responds to more than 12,000 alarms a year, the majority being requests for emergency medical services. The City of Kissimmee Fire Department currently has an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating (property protection class) of "Class 1," which ranks the Department in the top five percent of all fire services surveyed in the State of Florida.

The City of Kissimmee Fire Department provides Advance Life Support Ambulance Transport Service within the incorporated City Limits. The Department operates four (4) Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transport Units operating 24 hours a day. This allows each ambulance unit to maintain an average response time of less than four minutes within the coverage area. Up-to-date equipment and supplies are used to provide the best pre-hospital care available.

Kissimmee has 93 firefighters, divided into three shifts and they work an average of 56 hours per week, (24-hours on duty, 48-hours off duty, shift schedules). Typical duty time consists of training, vehicle and station maintenance, studying, performing in-service company inspections, public education, and responding to emergency calls. All are State certified firefighters, with dual certification as State of Florida Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) or Paramedics.

The Kissimmee Fire Department is also responsible for all commercial fire inspections, code enforcement, code development, commercial plans review, permitting, fees and fines, fire investigations,water supply research and development, and serves as a liaison with other agencies.