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Open for Business

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Open for Business


Open for Business was created by the Central Florida Coalition for Growth and Prosperity, a  coalition of Central Florida business associations to address the region's economic recovery.  They focused on identifying economic and regulatory barriers and then provided recommendations to collectively encourage economic prosperity for business growth and expansion, thus allowing more Central Floridians to "get back to work".  

In October 2012, announced the City of Kissimmee as its first “Open for Business Streamlined Permitting Certified” jurisdiction in Central Florida.   

The City of Kissimmee has been working for several years to improve the development review and permitting process.  This certification demonstrates Kissimmee’s ongoing pro-business attitude and commitment to responding to the needs of an evolving development community. 



  • LONGSTANDING PROPONENTS OF IMPROVEMENTS:  The City of Kissimmee has for some time worked to improve its customer experience.  We pride ourselves on constantly striving to provide excellent customer service in all aspects of the development process, especially during the permitting review and planning processes.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: The City works hard to ensure a positive experience throughout the entire development process by offering pre-application review meetings, minimizing costs, streamlined re-submittal process and having a liaison available to assist clients.
  • PROCESS MONITORING AND IMPROVEMENTS: Periodically the City reviews its processes to determine if timelines are still appropriate and if there are steps that can be eliminated to shorten timelines.  When efficiencies are found, they are then implemented immediately.
  • TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: The City allows for concurrent reviews to occur, and establishes project specific deadlines to ensure customer timelines are maintained and promotes staff expediency.


  • E-Permitting & E-Planning Submittal: The City is working on the implementation of an electronic permit and plan submittal and review process, which is expected to come online this calendar year (2013).  Companies will enjoy the costs savings in time, as well as no longer having to submit paper copies of documents, and transactions can occur from their employee’s desks.  Companies will no longer have to drive to City Hall to get their permits or submit their plans.  Plus, applicants can submit, review comments, resubmit and retrieve approvals at anytime (24/7) with this new service! 
  • Fee Study for Development Review and Building Process: The City will embark on this study to ensure our fees are competitive with other Central Florida jurisdictions. This study will be conducted this Summer 2013 and changes implemented shortly after.
  • Process Study for Development Review and Building Process:  The City will proceed with a study to research the ability of streamlining the permitting and development review process further and how to further improve the overall customer experience in all transactions. This study will also occur this Summer with changes implemented shortly after.
  • Continued Staff Training:  Additional training for all development review and permitting staff will occur with a concentration on customer service, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Proper Staffing Levels:  Reviews are routinely conducted to ensure staffing levels are sufficient for the volume of work in the development review and permitting process. 

"TIME IS MONEY FUN FACT:   If the City were to shave off just 1 day from the permitting preview process for half of the permits it issued last year (1,750 permits) that time savings would equal to 4 ¾ years!    Our new e-planning system is expected to provide more than just one day’s worth of savings… the electronic system will almost cut the process in half…. so imagine how many years and money that will save our businesses!