Kissimmee Zoning District Summaries

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The documents listed below provide information about permitted/conditional uses, setbacks, height limits, and lot requirements for each zoning district in the City.  To determine your zoning district, you may use the Interactive Zoning Map

Simply search for your address and activate the zoning layer on the map once the address is located.  You may also contact the Planning Division at 407.518.2140 to determine zoning for your property. 

Please note: if your property is located within an overlay district, additional or alternate standards may apply.  Zoning overlay maps are available on the maps page.

  Residential Districts        Non-Residential/Hybrid Districts
 AC: Agricultural Conservation         AI: Airport Industrial
MH-1: Mobile Home District (9,000 Sq. ft.)        AO: Airport Operations
MH-2: Mobile Home District (6,000 Sq. ft.)        B-1: Downtown Commercial
MHP: Mobile Home Park        B-2: Neighborhood Commercial
RA-1: Single Family Residential (12,000 Sq. ft.)        B-3: General Commercial
RA-2: Single Family Residential (9,000 Sq. ft.)        B-4: Main Street Commercial
RA-3: Single Family Residential (7,000 Sq. ft.)    B-5: Office Commercial
RA-4: Single Family Residential (6,000 Sq. ft.)    HC: Highway Commercial
RB-1: Medium Density Residential        BP: Business Park
Rb-2: Medium Density Residential/Office        CF: Community Facility
RPB: Residential Professional Business
       HF: Hospital Facility
RC-1: Multi-Family Medium Density Residential        IB: Industrial Business
RC-2 Multi-Family High Density Residential        OS: Open Space
RE: Residential Estate       UT: Utilities