Annexation Process

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For a list of the specific requirements, please refer to Section 171 of the Florida Statutes or contact the Development Services Department, Planning Division located at 101 Church St. Kissimmee, Fl 34741 

What is annexation?
Annexation is the process of adding real property to the boundaries of the incorporated limits of the City of Kissimmee. Once annexed, the property becomes a part of the City and is entitled to all available benefits and services.

What is an Enclave?

An enclave is a parcel or group of parcels which have not been incorporated into City limits, but are surrounded by the City.  This includes any unincorporated improved or developed area that is enclosed within, and bounded by, the City or a natural/manmade obstacle that allows the passage of vehicular traffic to that area only through the City. 

Enclaves can create significant problems in public safety, planning, growth management, and service delivery for both Osceola County and the City of Kissimmee. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of services in the most effective manner.
Why Annex?

Annexation allows a property to become a part of the City of Kissimmee and be eligible to receive all of the municipal services and utilities that are available to properties located within City limits. Compared with properties located in unincorporated area, properties within the City's jurisdiction are generally provided with services at lower rates. Additionally, building permits and impact fees are also lower for properties located within the City of Kissimmee. This makes annexation the ideal choice for property owners who area anticipating development or expansion in the near future.

Is my property eligible for annexation?

In order for specific property within unincorporated area to be voluntarily annexed, Chapter 171.044 of the Florida Statutes requires that the following criteria must be met:

  • An application must be filed including signatures of all owners of the property located within the area to be annexed.
  • The property must be contiguous to the City's boundaries and must be reasonably compact.

  • Annexation of the property must not result in the creation of unincorporated enclaves of improved or developed property.
What about Land Use and Zoning Designations?
All properties have Land Use and Zoning designations, regardless of their political jurisdiction. The City of Kissimmee's Comprehensive Plan allows properties annexing into the City to convert the existing Osceola County Future Land Use designations to similar City of Kissimmee designations, provided that the City's planning objectives for the area can be met.

Alternatively, if the City determines that the County's designations are not the most appropriate for the property, a request for City designations must be made in accordance with the Land Use Plan Amendment Process. In either case, a Zoning Map Amendment request must be made to establish a City Zoning designation that is consistent with the Future Land Use Designation. 
How is an Annexation Request Initiated?
To initiate the annexation of a particular property, the property owner should fist meet with the Development Services Department to discuss the proposed request. A legal description of the property must be included along with an annexation application.
How will public safety services be impacted?
Short Answer: The City's highly trained law enforcement, fire, and EMS professionals will provide services instead of Osceola County Fire Rescue and the Osceola County Sheriff's Office.

Public Safety is at foremost of importance to the City of Kissimmee.  In fact, the Kissimmee Fire Department  has an ISO Class 1 rating - the highest fire rating available.  Less than 1% of fire departments in the entire United States have this esteemed rating.  Some insurance companies will offer discounts on insurance premiums for policies covered by ISO rated fire departments. Osceola County Fire Rescue does not have an ISO Class 1 rating.

The Kissimmee Police Department  is another agency that provides quality service to our residents.  Our police officers have the ability to provide more concentrated coverage to City residents than the Osceola Sheriff’s Office because of the geographic size of the county.

The Kissimmee Police Department is accredited by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation. Accreditation increases the law enforcement agency’s ability to prevent and control crime through more effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement services to our community. 
Who will pick up my garbage and what will it cost?
Short Answer: The City will ultimately collect your household waste at a slightly lower cost.

The Sanitation Division manages the City's solid waste collection services. Upon annexation, the City will deliver three (3) cans to newly annexed residential properties for household waste, yard debris, and recyclable items. For commercial properties, the City of Kissimmee uses waste management for collection.

The City of Kissimmee Solid Waste expenses are slightly lower than the Osceola County rates and appear on your KUA bill instead of being charged annually on your property tax bill. A complete breakdown of collection service charges is available on our City website.
How does the annexation process work?

The Annexation Application will be reviewed by the following groups:

DRC Review: The Development Review Committee (DRC) meets every other Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. The deadline to have an item placed on the DRC agenda is 4:00 p.m. on Monday, 15 days prior to the desired review date. The DRC will make a recommendation for either approval or denial to the Planning Advisory Board.

PAB Review: After review by the DRC and a 14 day notification period, the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) will consider amendment at a public hearing. The PAB meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. The PAB will make a recommendation of either approval or denial to the City Commission. 

City Commission: After review by the PAB and a notification period in accordance with State Statute, the City Commission will review the request. The City Commission meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. The Commission will hold an adoption hearing for Small Scale Amendments or a transmittal hearing for Large Scale Amendments.

This information is provided for general overview purposes and is not intended to be used as a comprehensive guide for the Annexation process. 

Do you have additional questions?

While we have attempted to cover the most popular questions and concerns, we know every property and property owner is unique. Please, reach out to us and allow us the opportunity to provide information about the process or the benefits you will receive once you call the City of Kissimmee home.

You can contact the Planning Division 407.518.2140 or you can send us a comment to get assistance.