Annexation Process

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City of Kissimmee’s Enclave Annexation Process

This page is designed to provide an overview about the ongoing annexation process and its value to the resident. The City of Kissimmee is in the process of annexing 35 enclaves within existing City limits, and our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible.

Frequently asked questions are provided below for your convenience. If you have any specific questions or concerns about your property, please call (407) 518-2323.

What is Annexation?

Annexation is the process of adding real property to the boundaries of the incorporated limits of the City of Kissimmee. Once annexed, the property becomes a part of the City and is entitled to all available benefits and services.

What is an Enclave?

An enclave is a parcel or group of parcels which have not been incorporated into City limits, but are surrounded by the City.  This includes any unincorporated improved or developed area that is enclosed within, and bounded by, the City or a natural/manmade obstacle that allows the passage of vehicular traffic to that area only through the City. 

Enclaves can create significant problems in public safety, planning, growth management, and service delivery for both Osceola County and the City of Kissimmee. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of services in the most effective manner.

How will existing Enclaves be incorporated into the City?

The use of an Interlocal Agreement between the City of Kissimmee and the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners is being pursued.

Both governing bodies will be required to formally vote on accepting the Interlocal Agreement and the annexation of those enclaves within the City. All members of the public have the opportunity to speak before the Board of County Commissioners and the City of Kissimmee Commission prior to a formal vote. Residents may also contact the County Commissioner for their district or any of the City of Kissimmee Commissioners as they are elected at large.

At this time, exact meeting dates and times have not been scheduled to discuss this matter before the governing bodies. Once meeting dates and times have been scheduled, this webpage will be updated.


Will I experience an increase in my taxes if I’m annexed into the City?

Short Answer: A majority of property owners will see a decrease in taxes.

The majority of residents within the various enclaves will experience a decrease in their property taxes; a small number of properties may experience a minimal increase.

Communication and transparency are important to the City of Kissimmee, and as part of this process the City has prepared a tax comparison worksheet for all properties within the enclaves to help residents understand how annexation will impact them.

You should have received your prepared tax comparison worksheet if you attended one of the neighborhood meetings held by the City in August 2018. Residents who were unable to attend the meetings will be receiving the worksheet by mail.

Additionally, we encourage residents to visit the Osceola County Property Appraiser’s website  to learn about the various property exemptions and programs available. During the neighborhood meetings, many residents learned there were additional exemptions and programs available that would result in greater property tax savings that were not being utilized.

Will annexation change the zoning on my property?

Short Answer: No

The City is committed to limiting the impact annexation has on property owners during this process and has committed to zone properties in a manner which is compatible with their existing Osceola County zoning. This will ensure the existing quality of life for affected properties is NOT disrupted and ensures owners will maintain their current entitlements and property rights.

Will I be able to keep my chickens or livestock after annexation?

Short Answer: Yes

The City’s Code allows the City to ‘grandfather’ existing property uses during the annexation process, allowing property owners to keep their agricultural animals. The “grandfather” clause would lapse should an owner not have the same type of animal for a consecutive 12-month period. 

Will I have to connect to central water and sewer?

Short Answer: No

Annexed properties will NOT be required to connect to public water and sewer and may continue to utilize their functioning septic and well water systems.

The Florida Department of Health (FLDOH) is responsible for determining whether a property owner is permitted to replace their existing well or septic system if it fails. If FLDOH determines a replacement system is not authorized, both Osceola County Code and City of Kissimmee code would require property owners to connect to central water and sewer if available. This rule applies to all properties, whether it is annexed into the City of Kissimmee or remains in unincorporated Osceola County.

Who do I contact about road or drainage concerns? 

Short Answer: Public Works & Engineering - (407) 518-2170

Our engineers and professionals in the Public Works & Engineering Department can answer any questions regarding existing roads and drainage, as well as any future improvements. Please feel free to contact them at (407) 518-2170.

Who will pick up my garbage and how much will it cost?

Short Answer: The City will ultimately collect your household waste at a slightly lower cost.

The Sanitation Division manages the City's solid waste collection services. Upon annexation, properties currently receiving service from Waste Management will continue to utilize their service until the end of the City's fiscal year, September 30th. After which, the City will deliver three (3) cans to newly annexed properties for household waste, yard debris, and recyclable items.

The City of Kissimmee Solid Waste expenses are slightly lower than the Osceola County rates and appear on your KUA bill instead of being charged annually on your property tax bill. A complete breakdown of collection service charges is available on our City website.

How will public safety services at my home be impacted?

Short Answer: The City's highly trained law enforcement, fire, and EMS professionals will provide services instead of Osceola County Fire Rescue and the Osceola County Sheriff's Office.

Public Safety is at foremost of importance to the City of Kissimmee.  In fact, the Kissimmee Fire Department  has an ISO Class 1 rating - the highest fire rating available.  Less than 1% of fire departments in the entire United States have this esteemed rating.  Some insurance companies will offer discounts on insurance premiums for policies covered by ISO rated fire departments. Osceola County Fire Rescue does not have an ISO Class 1 rating.

The Kissimmee Police Department  is another agency that provides quality service to our residents.  Our police officers have the ability to provide more concentrated coverage to City residents than the Osceola Sheriff’s Office because of the geographic size of the county.

The Kissimmee Police Department is accredited by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation. Accreditation increases the law enforcement agency’s ability to prevent and control crime through more effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement services to our community. 

Do you have additional questions?

While we have attempted to cover the most popular questions and concerns, we know every property and property owner is unique. Please, reach out to us and allow us the opportunity to provide clarification on this process or the benefits you will receive once you call the City of Kissimmee home.

You can contact Belinda O. Kirkegard at (407) 518-2323 or you can send us a comment to get assistance.