City of Kissimmee Mobility and Impact Fees

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Impact Fees are an important tool the City uses to assist in providing necessary improvements to roads, utilities and other public facilities to accommodate growth in the limits of City.  Impact fees are charged when a new property is developed, an existing development is expanded and when a more intensive use occupies an existing space. 

There are a number of different types of impact fees that may be charged, depending on the type of development or use.  A break down of each impact fee has been provided below.  Remember, before you move forward with a new project or occupy a new location, please contact the City to determine what impact fees may be due.

Mobility Fees (f.k.a Transportation Impact Fees)

Effective November 5, 2012, the Kissimmee City Commission has adopted changes to the Code of Ordinances, eliminating Transportation Impact Fees and replacing them with less expensive Mobility Fees. Kissimmee is the second government in the State of Florida to adopt such a progressive program.

Transportation Impact Fees were adopted in the mid-80’s to provide government funding for the construction of roads within its jurisdiction. The City Commission voiced concern that the outdated formula of calculating transportation impact fees did not provide incentives for the more urban, pedestrian friendly development sought.

The City of Kissimmee understands the importance of maintaining funding for road projects, and therefore has not completely abolished impact fees. Instead they implemented the progressive Mobility Fee structure which enables funding for roads, as well as transit and other forms of mobility. This new formula reduces fees significantly, and in some cases by more than a 60% reduction from what previously would have been owed.  The City of Kissimmee strives to offer as many opportunities as possible to encourage more efficient development projects, while understanding the importance of maintaining a high quality of services to our residents.

Furthermore, creating a mobility fee is one of the next logical steps needed to implement the City of Kissimmee’s Multimodal Transportation District and fulfill the City’s vision of a livable, accessible and economically vital destination with a high level of personal mobility. This compliments the City’s emphasis on high density development within its downtown corridor and within the newly created Vine Street Community Redevelopment Area.

In addition to providing local road construction and transit enhancement programs, the mobility fee program provides the City the ability to leverage funds from other agencies such as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). FDOT is more willing to partner with transportation projects when local funding programs are in place to help them offset costs.

These fees are determined by a formula that factors in the cost of construction, as well as the number of vehicular trips a use will generate and are charged at permit issuance.  Also, as your property may have credits from a previous use, your fees may be less that what is shown.

A copy of the new mobility fee schedule may be viewed below.  To determine how to calculate estimated impact fees, please first review the instructions and reference map linked below.  Please note: Mobility Fees have been updated.  All building permits issued on and after September 21, 2015 will be subject to new mobility fee rates.  Please be sure to download the calculator below for the most up to date fees!

Mobility Fee Calculator Instructions

Mobility Fee Calculator

To obtain an official fee estimate or have questions, please download the application or contact Ashley Cornelison at 407.518.2141 or Bob Wright at 407.518.2373

Water & Sewer Fees

Water & Sewer Impact Fees are charged by the Toho Water Authority to assist the agency in dealing with additional water demand.  The fees are determined by the amount of water and sewer impact a specific use might have.  In order to determine what impact fees might be due, and if you have credits, please contact the Toho Water Authority at 407.944.5000.

Parks & Recreation Fees

These are special fees charged only for new residential development and consist of a flat fee per dwelling unit.  These fees allow the City to construct and improve park facilities to accommodate an influx of new residents to Kissimmee and are charged at permit issuance. For more information, please contact the Development Services Department - Building Division at 401.518.2130. 

School Fees

School impact fees are also charged only for new residential development and assist the Osceola County School District in the development and improvement of school facilities to accommodate additional students in the area.  These fees are also charged at the time of permit issuance.  For more information, please contact the Osceola County School District at 407.518.2929.