Frequently Asked Code Enforcement Questions

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Q:    My neighbors have the same violations, why have you selected me?
A:    The Code Enforcement Division does not conduct selective enforcement. The Officers try to cover their entire zone routinely. In addition, the officers respond to all complaints that are filed with our office. You may be unaware that the attempt to remedy a violation is already in progress. Please feel free to call the Code Enforcement Division office to inquire about a specific address.

Q:    How do I report a violation?
A:    Call the Code Enforcement Division at 407.518-2133.  Please provide the correct address and give a brief description of the potential violation. If you choose to remain anonymous, the Code Enforcement Division will still investigate the report. You should understand that, if you do leave your name and phone number, it becomes public record and is available to any citizen for review.

Q:    What happens if it is determined that I have violated a local ordinance?
A:    It depends on the violation. In most cases, if there is no public danger, a Notice of Violation is issued giving the resident a reasonable amount of time to comply. A Code Officer will re-inspect the property at the end of the designated compliance time. If the property is found to be in compliance, the case is closed.

Q:    What if I don’t come into compliance after receiving a Notice of Violation?
A:    Your case could be presented to the Code Enforcement Board or you could be issued a Citation. The Code Enforcement Board has the power to issue fines if you are found guilty of violating an ordinance. If a citation is issued, you could be required to appear in County Court before an Osceola County Judge.

If the City of Kissimmee is forced to complete any work that will bring your property into compliance, you will be billed for that work and a lien can be filed against your property if payment is not received.

Q:    I received a notice of violation on a house that I own, but I rent this property to a tenant. Why don’t you issue the notice to the tenant?
A:    In most cases, the tenant was issued a Notice of Violation, and you, as the property owner would have
been notified of the violation via certified mail. As the property owner, you are legally responsible for any violations of City ordinances. If your tenant does not come into compliance, you could be held responsible and the case could be presented to the Code Enforcement Board or a citation could be issued.

Q:    How will I know that my complaint was acted upon?
A:    If you have registered a complaint and do not see any action, please call the Code Enforcement Division and the office staff will gladly check the computer records and update you on the status of the investigation.

Q:    This seems like a waste of tax dollars. Why don’t you go after “real criminals?”
A:    The Code Enforcement Division exists to protect the quality of life of all residents in the City of Kissimmee. It has a different purpose than law enforcement. Code Enforcement helps maintain property values and improves areas that have become blighted with debris, overgrowth or graffiti. Areas that have become blighted are more likely to have a higher crime rate than those areas that are well maintained and free from Code violations.