Code Enforcement Division

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The Code Enforcement Division works to ensure clean, safe places for people to live and work through assisting the public in achieving compliance with City codes and regulations.

The goal is to educate and seek voluntary compliance of the codes before pursuing further action when property owners are noncompliant with City codes.  This is evident by last year's success as more than 3,600 Code Enforcement cases were processed with a 99.5% voluntary compliance rate.

The most common Code Enforcement violations are:

Persons found to be in violation of the City codes and regulations are given notification of the violation and an opportunity to correct the situation without further action.  Most complaints are resolved after the initial contact. 

If a resolution to a violation cannot be resolved at the staff level, action by the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate might be warranted to pursue other avenues to force compliance. 

The Special Magistrate is empowered to hear and resolve cases brought to them by the Code Enforcement staff.  Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in the City Commission Chambers at Kissimmee City Hall located at 101 Church Street, in downtown Kissimmee.

To report code violations, citizens may access the Code Enforcement Hotline at 407.518.2133 or complete and submit the following Complaint Statement Form. You can also send in a complaint via email at