Citizen Access Business Tax Receipts

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How to apply for and review Business Tax Receipts.

Business Tax Receipts expire annually on September 30 and must be renewed by October 1 to avoid penalties.  Courtesy renewal invoices are mailed to the current mailing and email address on record.  It is the responsibility of all businesses to maintain valid BTR and renew their license annually.  Failure to do so subjects the owner to late fees and closure of your business account.

Please review the following in its ENTIRITY before registering and paying online.  The following steps MUST be completed in order to renew online.  Failure to do so could delay your payment and receipt.

Step 1:  Are you a first time user or return visitor?

Step 1a: If you are a first time user of the Citizen Access Portal, you must create a new user account by completing the New User Form.  Once submitted, you will receive an email linking you account to the address provided.  Please note:  This is a ONE time process and will not be required to do this again.  This process requires receipt by staff to link your account.  This is often completed in less than an hour but may take up to 24 business hours. 

Step 1b:  If you are a return visitor, please click on the “Log In” button .

Step 2:  Once you are logged in, click on "My Applications" button on the left hand side.  Then click on "Licenses"

Step 3:  A new screen will appear with your registered businesses.  Select the business in which you wish to renew by clicking on it.

Step 4:  At the bottom of the new page, click the "Renew" button and then the "Process Renewal" button. 

Step 5:  A new screen will list your fees.  Regardless of the amount owed (even if the amount is "0") click "Pay Balance". 

Step 6:  Enter your payment information and click "Continue".  DO NOT CLICK "CONTINUE" MORE THAN ONCE.  DOING SO WILL RESULT IN YOUR PAYMENT BEING MADE MULTIPLE TIMES.  Note:  Online payments are designed to ensure the privacy of your credit card information, name, address, email and other information you provide to us.

Step 7:  Once payment is made the Building Division will receive notification that your BTR has been paid and renewed and will then print and send your Business Tax Receipt to you.  Once received, it must be displayed conspicuously at your place of business and in such a manner as to be open to the view of the public and subject to inspection by all duly authorized officers of the City.


The City of Kissimmee online payment services is available 24 hours a day.  However there may be instances where maintenance activities may cause the program to be unavailable.  If your business transaction has a due date associated with it, it is your responsibility to ensure that your payment is made by that due date.  Delays cause by unavailability of any online service DO NOT warrant the reversal of late fees, as payments may also be made by other means, such as postal mail and walk-in during normal business hours.  Online payments are designed to ensure the privacy of your credit card information, name, address, email and other information you provide to us.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at 407.518.2379 or