Step 6: Inspections

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What Type of Inspection Do I Need?

To ensure that all work meets the current building codes, the Building Division is responsible for performing inspections for all permitted construction work performed in the City of Kissimmee.  Inspections are made daily and are divided into specific phases (Foundation, Slab/Floor Framing, Lintel/Team Beam, Framing, Insulation, Final) to assure all of the work gets inspected before it is covered up.  These phases do not apply to storm water, transportation, landscaping and fire inspections.  These inspections are conducted by other departments or during the final inspection at the end of the construction.

If the construction site is not ready for inspections or there are excessive code violations discovered during the inspection, a Notice of Violation may be issued and a re-inspection fee will be charged.

The following is a list of project types that require inspection:

Note: Additional inspections may be required depending on the type of construction. Failure to call for a required inspection could result in fines.

Inspections are performed between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. To schedule an inspection please contact the Automated Inspection Response System at 407.518.2597. This interactive voice response system will also allow callers to inquire about or cancel an upcoming inspection. To obtain a next day inspection, requests must be made by 3:30 p.m. the day before.

If you are unsure of the inspection requirement necessary for your project, please call 407.518.2379 or stop by the offices located in Suite 120 of Kissimmee City Hall. 

Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Am I required to have an inspection?

All permitted work is required to have approved inspections.  If a contractor is hired and his/her work is not inspected, it may be considered job abandonment and can be reported to the state.  If you have pulled your own permit as a property owner and do not have your work pass inspection you may have problems with property values or future sale of your property.

Q.  Do I need to be on site for my inspection?

No.  It is not required unless access is needed.  Please be sure that all approved plans and permits are on site and accessible to the inspector.

Q.  Who do I call for inspection?

  • For driveways, sidewalks, drainage and road improvements - Public Works & Engineering 407.518.2169
  • For building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspections - Building Division 407.518.2579
  • For fire alarm, fire sprinklers, and fire suppression systems - Fire Department 407.518.2202
  • For water and sewer - Toho Water Authority 407.944-5020

Q.  Can I request a specific inspector?

No.  Inspectors are assigned to various inspections according to workload requirements and licensing with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  All jobs are inspected according to the approved plans and current building code.

Q.  What time will my inspector arrive?

Workloads vary from day to day.  We make every effort to perform the inspection on the day and time it is requested.  Inspections are usually performed between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.  If you need to speak to the inspector scheduled to perform your inspection, please call the office at 407.518.2130.  Since our inspectors are often in the field please leave a message on their voice mail and they will promptly return your call.

Q.  Do I have to pay a fee for an inspection?

No, inspections are part of your permit and do not require an additional fee.  You are only required to pay for any failed or missed inspection before scheduling another inspection.

Q.  Why did my inspection fail?

There could be multiple reasons.  For specifics, please consult your inspection results that was left on the job site in your permit box or attached to your permit card.  If you would like to confer with your inspector regarding the failure, please feel free to contact them at 407.518.2130.  Since our officers are often in the field please leave a message on their voice mail and they will promptly return your call.

Q.  Can inspections be held after hours?

Yes.  All after hour inspections must be submitted in writing, addressed to the Building Official.  Weekend and holiday inspections are charged with a 4 (four) hour minimum.  Rates for these inspections are based on the most current resolution for building fees adopted by the City Commission.