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ePermit Overview


ePermit Logo Website EnhancedThe City of Kissimmee Building Division is pleased to announce the unveiling of our new electronic building application program called ePermits.  This web-based program will transform our paper based building permit application process into an electronic/paperless process.  ePermits will increase review efficiency, allowing for reviews to be completed faster; reduce costs for both the City and its customers; and support green initiatives by eliminating the need to print and submit paper plans.

When an applicant (architect, engineer, home owner, business owner or agent) submits a building permit application requiring drawings and review fees, ePermits will invite the applicant's architect and/or agent by e-mail to upload the electronic drawings and all relevant documents into the ePermits software.  At this time to insure that all documents have been properly received, City review staff will then have simultaneous access to review the plans and note any corrections directly on the plans.  The applicant is notified of the necessary revisions and will be instructed to upload the corrected plans electronically.  When the plans are have been stamped for approval and all fees are paid, a permit is issued.  After final notice the applicant will be notified that the approved stamped plans may be downloaded.  The plans can then be printed by the applicant and must be used for construction of the project with subsequent inspections to follow.

ePermits Org Review Process

To get started, please review the ePermits Applicant User's Guide to obtain a basic step-by-step overview of the process or to review Frequently Asked Questions.  For assistance, please e-mail us at ePermitHelp@kissimmee.org or contact us at 407.518.2130.

If you wish to submit via the traditional method of hard copy paper permits and plans, you may do so by visiting the Building Division.

As with most permits, once construction has started inspections are required to ensure that the permitted work complies with applicable code requirements. To find out more information or to schedule an inspection please, proceed to Step 3:  Inspections webpage.

Please Note: When a permit is obtained it often requires a contractor to be registered and licensed. To learn more about contractor requirements please visit theFlorida Department of Business & Professional Regulation website. If you are a contractor and you are required to register with the City of Kissimmee, please click HERE.

For more information or to check the status of a submitted permit, please contact the Building Division at 407.518.2379 or stop by the office located in Suite 120 of Kissimmee City Hall.

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