Mayor Pro Tem Angela Eady

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Mayor Pro Tem/ Commissioner Angela Eady

Seat #3 
Term: 11/16-11/20 
Phone: 407.978.7249 


Commissioner Eady was sworn in on November 22, 2016.

Managed Care/Specialty Pharmacy Industry (I've been working in this industry for 25 years). 

Civic Commitments/Duties
Be the Advocate / Voice for the betterment of the Citizens and for the City.

Personal Information
I'm a true native  (4 generations) of Osceola County. Both my mom and late father were born and raised here. I gave birth and raised my daughter here . And now, my grandchild (Mariah) was also born and is currently being raised here.

Quotes from the late David Eady Sr.

"If you do right by people, people will do right by you" & "There's only one race that really matters, the HUMAN race".

Favorite TV Programs: Family Feud - I am an avid Game Show fan and I'm also a LOYAL Dallas Cowboy fan.

Favorite Foods: Italian , Seafood, & Soulfood.

When I was a Child, I dreamed of being: Fashion Designer.

Favorite Subject(s) in School: Health /Economics. Physical Education.

The Thing I like Most about Being a Commissioner is: I enjoy being a significant impact on changing lives for the better. I want people to know and truly believe that they matter. I want what is best for all of our citizens. Everyone's life should be enriched to the fullest as long as he or she is willing and able to work at it.