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Internal Affairs

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Bias- Free Policing  

It is the policy of the Kissimmee Police Department to treat every person with courtesy and respect while patrolling in a proactive manner, to aggressively investigate suspicious persons and circumstances, and to actively enforce Florida Statutes and local ordinances in accordance with law. Department employees shall not abuse their law enforcement powers by acting in a manner that discriminates against individuals based on race, color, ethnicity, age, background, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, economic status, culture, physical handicap, religion or belief system, immigration status, housing status, occupation, language fluency, or any physical or personal characteristic of such individuals.

In an effort to promote positive law enforcement interactions and to dispel perceptions of biased law enforcement, the Kissimmee Police Department will:

  • Be courteous and professional
  • Identify themselves to the citizen by providing their name, Department affiliation and the reason for the encounter as soon as practical.
  • Ensure the detention is no longer than necessary to take appropriate law enforcement action and that the citizen understands the purpose of reasonable delays.
  • Answer any relevant questions the citizen may have to include citation disposition procedures, court dates, etc.
  • Provide his/her name and department I.D. number when requested in writing or on a business card.
  • Provide a professional explanation should it be determined that the person was not involved in the suspected criminal activity.

If you feel the employee has acted inappropriately, you may contact Lieutenant Ian Downing of the Professional Standards Section at



You can file a complaint in person or anonymously through the following options:

  • E-mailing the Internal Affairs Unit at
  • U.S. mail, the address for the Kissimmee Police Department is 8 N. Stewart Ave. Kissimmee, Fl. 34741
  • Visiting the Kissimmee Police Department to make your complaint in person with an on-duty supervisor, Internal Affairs Unit or an agency member of your choosing
  • By telephone, the Internal Affairs Unit at (407) 847-0176 ext. 3672, Lt. Ian Downing at (407) 847-0176 ext. 3222 or the non-emergency line at 407-846-3333 by requesting an on-duty supervisor.