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Vine Street Community Redevelopment Agency

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Vine Street site flyover  

The Vine Street CRA was established in 2012, by Resolution # 20-2012, the Boundaries extend one-quarter mile north and south of US 192 and from North Bass Road to Denn John Lane.    Due to its central location, and proximity to so many attractions and theme parks, it is a myriad of opportunity, from retail, restaurants, to personal services.  Vine Street is a place with great potential, it encompasses 1,333 acres of that 1,064 acres are non-residential, with 6 million gross sq ft. of commercial space and a potential of well over 250 million total sq ft!!    

It is also a place with history, and where the natural landscape of Shingle Creek and Lake Toho provides scenic, eye-catching views. Residents and guests are invited to venture vine and discover the many opportunities for new development.

View the Vine Street CRA Redevelopment Plan

View the Vine Street CRA boundary

What is the CRA?
CRA stands for Community Redevelopment Agency. It is a public entity created by a city or county to implement community redevelopment activities.  It is comprised of 5 City Commissioners as the Governing Body.

F.S.S. 163.356 Creation of Community Redevelopment Agency ~ (1) Upon a finding of necessity as set forth in s. 163.355, and upon further finding that there is a need for a community redevelopment agency to function in the county or municipality to carry out the community redevelopment purposes of this part, any county or municipality may create a public body corporate and politic to be known as a "Community Redevelopment Agency".

What is the Public Purpose?

A Community Redevelopment Agency is created when the governing body finds one or more areas within the city are in "slum" or "blight" conditions and need to rehabilitate, conserve and redevelop that area, following the policies and intent of  The Uniform Community Development District Act of 1980 (Chapter 190, Florida Statutes).  Once the CRA is created, per F.S.S. 163.356 the board, along with the agency, is required to prepare and adopt a redevelopment plan, which includes a detailed description of the boundaries, proposed improvements, and future development of the redevelopment area.