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Planning & Zoning Division - Documents & Resources

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Development Review Applications

The Development Services Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for the coordination of most development permits required by the Land Development Code together with the bodies that review and approve them.  Below is a listing of all Development Review applications and their associated review schedules and review fees. 

Several of these requests are explained in further detail on the Development Review Information page. 

Before submittal, it is strongly recommended anyone considering one or more of the following requests schedule an appointment to meet with Development Services staff, who can assist you in beginning the Development Review process. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The City Commission updated the Development Review fees.  Starting on February 17, 2016, all new submittals are subject to paying the updated fee(s).  For specifics, please refer to resolution #34-2015. 

  • 2018 DRC Schedule: A listing of all submittal deadlines, DRC, PAB and Commission meeting dates for the calendar year.
  • Annexation Review:  A request to voluntary annex property to be located within the City jurisdiction.
  • Land Use Plan Amendment Review:   An amendment to adjust the long range plan for the desirable use of land in the City.
    • Small Scale Land Use Plan Amendment:  For property that is less than 10 acres in size.  
    • Large Scale Lan Use Plan Amendment:  For property that is greater than 10 acres in size. 
    • Land Use Plan Amendment (Text):  Amend the Comprehensive Plan by creating or updating existing Mixed Use land use text.
  • Zoning Map Amendment Review:  An amendment to the zoning map which changes the zoning district applied to a site or area to another zoning district.
    • Zoning Map Amendment: A form of zoning classification that has specific uses and lot characteristics.
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD) Review: A form of zoning classification having greater amount of site design flexibility.
    • PUD Zoning/Preliminary Plan: To change the zoning to a PUD and is accompanied by a preliminary plan.
    • Planned Unit Development (PUD) Amendment: A request to amend an existing PUD zoning district.
    • PUD Site Plan:  An engineered plan identifying how the PUD will be built.
  • Conditional Use Review:  A use that because of special requirements or characteristics, may be allowed in a particular zoning district only after review by the Planning Advisory Board and granting of conditional use approval imposing such conditions as necessary to make the use compatible with other uses permitted in the same zone or vicinity.
    • Conditional Use:  A request that does not involve any improvements to the subject property. 
    • Conditional Use with Site Plan: A request that includes a site plan for infrastructure improvements to the subject property.
    • Conditional Use for a Communication Tower:  A conditional use for a communication tower and their facilities.
  • Site Plan Review:  A request that identifies how a multi-family or non-residential project will be constructed.
    • Minor Site Plan: A plan that modifies an existing site  by constructing less than 6 parking spaces, increasing the square footage of the building by less than 1,500 square feet, and the traffic circulation system and use are not significantly altered. 
    • Full Site Plan: An engineered plan identifying how the property will be built.
    • Site Specific Redevelopment Plan (CRAO):  An engineered plan for properties located within the CRA identifying how the property will be built.
  • Site Development (Construction) Plan Review:  Civil engineered plans depicting construction details of how a site will be constructed.
    • Site Development (Construction) Plan: An engineered plan and associated documents outlining the construction level details of the project.
  • Subdivision Review:  A plan showing the proposed development of a tract of land for which platting and dedication of ownership is to be carried out.
    • Preliminary Plat: A subdivision of land in which 4 or more lots are created and subdivision improvements are to be constructed.
    • Final Plat: A subdivision of land in which 3 lots or less are created and no subdivision improvements are to be constructed.
    • Lot Combination Agreement (Single Family Residential Property Only): A combination of 3 or less existing lots of record and has a total area of less than 1 acre in size.
  • Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Amendment Review:  A request to create or modify an existing DRI.
    • Development of Regional Impact Amendment 
  • Special Event Review:  Temporary outdoor events which are intended or likely to attract large crowds and are unlike the usual activities generally associated with the normal business practices of the site.
    • Special Event with Sales: Event such as but not limited to circuses, fairs, carnivals, festivals, trade or product shows, concerts, contests, where sales are conducted.
    • Special Event without Sales: Similar events where sales are not conducted.
    • Special Event involving Street Closure (with or without sales): Events such as but not limited to street parties, parades, festivals, road races that would close down a street. 
  • Vacation Review:  The termination of an easement or right-of-way.
    • Vacation of Easement: Request to abandon an easement on an existing property.
    • Vacation of Right-of-Way: Request to abandon an existing right-of-way. 
  • Street Name Change:  A citizen based request for the City to potentially rename a City street.
  • True Work of Art Review:  Request to permit murals or artwork located wholly or partly outdoors.
  • Variance Review:  A grant of relief from various sections of the Land Development Code which permits construction in a manner otherwise prohibited where specific enforcement would result in unnecessary hardship.
    • Buffer Waiver: A potential variance from landscaping and buffer requirements traditionally required between opposing properties.
    • Downtown CRA (Community Redevelopment Area) Overlay District Variance:  A potential variance to the design standards for the Downtown CRA.
    • Vine Street CRA (Community Redevelopment Area) Overlay District Variance: A potential variance to the sign standards for the Vine Street CRA.
    • Sign Variance:  A administrative variance to sign requirements of the Land Development Code for all other areas of the City.
    • City Commission Variance: A potential variance from Sections 14-2-130-14-2-148 of the Land Development Code.
    • Board of Adjustment Variance: A potential variance from Sections 14-2-46, 14-2-71 or 14-2-130 - 14-2-148 of the Land Development Code.

For questions or to obtain more information regarding zoning districts and applications, please contact the Development Services Planning Division at 407.518.2146 or

Other Planning Applications

The following applications are not part of the Development Review process but are reviewed by the Development Services Department for compliance.

  • Alcohol License Zoning Approval Request:  Separate from state regulations, City zoning approval is required to sell alcohol in package or for consumption on premises.
  • Mobile Medical Unit: A request to establish a temporary mobile medical unit (MRI, CAT scan, lab, clinic, blood mobile, etc.) that is accessory to an existing medical establishment.
  • Outdoor Dining Request (within right-of-way): A request to temporarily place outdoor seating/dining in association with a restaurant or specialty retail establishment within the right-of-way of the B-1 (Downtown Commercial) zoning district.
  • Pain Medication License: Separate from state regulations, City zoning approval is required to prescribe or dispense schedule II controlled substances.
  • Temporary Sign Application: A request for temporary signs located on public lands or rights-of-way announcing special events for civic and non-profit organizations.
  • Traffic Management Program Application (call Development Services to obtain a copy):  A citizen request for the City to research traffic patterns and devices that could lend to the installation of traffic calming devices for a neighborhood street.
  • Traffic Management Program Removal:  A request by a citizen for the City to research the removal of existing traffic calming devices.
  • Zoning Verification Letter: A requested letter which informs property owners, lenders and prospective buyers of zoning laws related to the particular property.
  • State Funding Status Letter:  A requested State of Florida verification form inform the status of zoning, land use and site plan approvals.

For questions or to obtain more information regarding zoning districts and applications, please contact the Development Services Planning Division at 407.518.2146 or

Important Documents for Project Development

Zoning District Summaries: Provides permitted/conditional uses, setbacks, height restrictions, and lot requirements for each zoning district in the City.

Land Development Code Online: This link will direct you to the City of Kissimmee Code of Ordinances.  The Land Development Code is located under Section XIV of this document.

Political Sign Placement Summary:  Outlines standards for placing political signs throughout the City.

Start-up for New Businesses: Provides detailed direction through the actions you need to take in determining the proper location for your business and licensing it with the state, county and city.

Reference Guide for New Churches:: Provides a summary of the procedures required for establishing a church within the City limits. 

For questions or to obtain more information regarding these, please contact the Development Services Planning Division at 407.518.2146 or