The City of Kissimmee is closely monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak and potential impacts within the United States. More information on our current status and information on the situation is found on our Coronavirus information page.

Financial Information

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Financial Information & Budget

The City of Kissimmee CRA uses October 1 - September 30 as the Fiscal Year Period for the annual Budget.

City of Kissimmee approved Budget (including the CRA's)

2020 Downtown CRA Approved Budget

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(1) AD VALOREM TAXES - An elected board shall have the power to levy and assess an ad valorem tax on all the taxable property in the district to construct, operate, and maintain assessable improvements; to pay the principal of, and interest on, any general obligation bonds of the district; and to provide for any sinking or other funds established in connection with any such bonds.  An ad valorem tax levied by the board for operating purposes, exclusive of debt service on bonds, shall not exceed 3 mills, except that a district authorized by a local general-purpose government to exercise one or more powers specified in s. 190.012(2) may levy an additional 2 mills for operating purposes, exclusive of debt service on bonds.  The ad valorem tax provided for herein shall be in addition to county and all other ad valorem provided for by law.  Such tax shall be assessed, levied, and collected in the same manner and same time as county taxes.  The levy of ad valorem taxes shall be approved by referendum when required by the State Constitution.