Streetscape Projects

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Main Street Gateway
The Gateway is centrally located at the intersection of Main Street and Highway U.S. 192 in Kissimmee. It was constructed in 1997, costing $250,000 as part of the Main Street Streetscape. For an additional $50,000, signage was added in 1999 to complete the Gateway. Reliefs are located on each of the columns depicting the works of artist Frederick Remington.

Main Street Gateway

Main Street Streetscape
The first streetscape project took place on Main Street. Power lines were relocated from the street to the alleys. Medians were added to include lush landscaping and oak trees. New street signs and lamp posts were put in place to better fit the feel and historic character of the street. To provide eye appeal along Main Street, easements were acquired from each of the property owners for landscaping and irrigation, which is maintained by the City of Kissimmee.

Main Street

Broadway Streetscape 
The second streetscape to be completed is visible along five blocks of Broadway. The project took nine months and cost nearly $2 million. New street signs and lampposts were installed, power lines were placed under ground, landscaping was planted in the median, and brick intersection treatments were added. The sidewalks were also upgraded with handicap accessible curbs, brick accents, planters, benches, and trash receptacles. The aluminum glyphs that appear in the sidewalks and on the lamp posts depict the City’s original trades of citrus and cattle.