Community Benefit Funds

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Thanks to the City Commission, the City of Kissimmee has established a framework to evaluate requests for donations or sponsorships for charitable causes related to fundraising, awareness events or activities, and student or school related competitions.

The Community Benefit Fund allows the City to support various organizations whose work constitutes a public benefit, enhances the quality of life or makes a significant impact on the lives of the residents within the City.

If this is your first time applying for a donation or sponsorship through the Community Benefit Fund, we encourage you to read the program details below. If you are a returning applicant, you can proceed to complete the online application.

Do I qualify for Community Benefit Funds?

Requests are reserved for the support of fundraising events, competitions, or community awareness activities that meet a greater public good by providing or expanding awareness of a charitable cause; enhancing arts, education, and culture; generating an economic benefit for the immediate community; and/or contributing positively to the recognition and image of the City of Kissimmee.


  1. Be a non-profit organization with Articles of Incorporation filed with the Florida Department of State, and

  2. Be in existence and operating within the State of Florida for at least twelve (12) month prior to the date of application to the City for a donation, and

  3. In addition to the application, submit: (1) a copy of their 501(c)3, or 501(c)4 notification letter. (Consideration will be given to tax exempt organizations raising funds dedicated to a specific 501(c)3 activity); (2) a copy of their current Form 990 (if your organization is required to file this document); (3) a copy of their last completed audit; and (4) an annual budget, and

  4. Must provide a service, program, or event that demonstrates a local and positive impact to the City of Kissimmee and/or the residents of Kissimmee.

 Individuals: When a requester is an individual, the individual shall:

  1. Be a resident of the City of Kissimmee or Osceola County.

NOTE: All requests for financial support associated with a school-based program shall be paid directly to the sponsoring entity.

Funding Availability
Monies from the Community Benefit Fund are provided on an annual basis from the City Commission Contingency Fund. Requests through this process are limited to an annual request of $2,500.00 and must go towards an awareness event, fundraising activity or school related competition. 

Organizations currently funded through the Social Services or Quality of Life Competitive Funding Process, the Special Events Fee Waiver Program, the Law Enforcement Trust Fund or any entitlement programs funded through the City do not quality for Community Benefit funds.

The following restrictions for funding shall apply to awards for any program, activity, person, or organization:

  1. Funds will be available on a first come, first served basis and based on the availability of funds at the time of the application.

  2. Requests for funds to support events hosted in any City of Kissimmee owned and/or operated facility or venue are not eligible for funding through the Community Benefit Fund.  Requests must be submitted through the City of Kissimmee Fee Waiver Grant Program.

  3. Funds cannot be used for or to promote a commercial business or private enterprise, personal gain or to promote political parties, political activities or political advocacy groups.

  4. Funds cannot be used to promote the sale or consumption of tobacco products, illegal drugs, gambling, erotic materials or services.

  5. Organizations that discriminate based on age, race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or national origin are not eligible for funds.

  6. Funds cannot be used for the purposes of supporting a private foundation or charity that benefits one individual.

  7. A nonprofit currently receiving funding through a separate grant or fund from the City of Kissimmee are ineligible for funding through the Community Benefit Fund sponsorship and donation grant process.
Reporting & Funding Requirements

All recipients will be required to submit a final report outlining the results of the event and the impact of the City’s funds towards the event, cause or competition.

All applicants that receive funds in any amount must utilize the City seal/logo on all marketing, promotional and advertising materials including but not limited to print media, radio, television, website and social media depicting the City of Kissimmee’s support.

Failure to adhere to the requirements contained within this section or set forth as a contingency for funding, shall result in disqualification of the requestor from future funding through this program.

How do I apply for funding consideration?

The City Commission has appointed the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB) as the approving authority for the disbursement of monies from the Community Benefit Fund.

Applications for funding consideration will be reviewed three (3) times per year. The following schedule outlines when each application period opens, closes, and roughly when each application will be formally reviewed.

Application Period I (Funds Awarded/Distributed between October 1st and January 31st)

Application Period Open: April 1
Application Period Closing: May 1
Review & Scoring: June PARAB Meeting

Application Period 2 (Funds Awarded/Distributed between February 1st and May 31st)

Application Period Open: August 1
Application Period Closing: September 1
Review & Scoring: October PARAB Meeting

Application Period 3 (Funds Awarded/Distributed between June 1st and September 30th)

Application Period Open: December 1
Application Period Closing: January 1
Review & Scoring: February PARAB Meeting

 If you believe you meet all of the program's requirements, you may submit an online application.