Opening Your Doors

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Obtaining a Business Tax Receipt

Obtaining a Business Tax Receipt (BTR) is the final step needed in order to open your business to the public. All businesses inside the City of Kissimmee must obtain a BTR from Osceola County and the City of Kissimmee prior to conducting business. These licenses must be renewed annually by September 30 and a license tax must be paid. You will be required to obtain a new license if the business is transferring location or ownership, or if a separate branch location of the same business is opened. The application process will assist you in ensuring that all requirements have been met for your location, including the appropriate zoning for your type of business.

The following information is required to apply for a City of Kissimmee Business Tax Receipt:

  • Application, signed and notarized.

  • Osceola County Business Tax Receipt.

  • Copy of lease agreement or proof of property ownership.

  • Fictitious name registration (if applicable).

  • Sales Tax Number (Certificate of Registration) if business will collect sales tax.

For certain businesses, additional documentation may be required. There is more information on each Business Tax Receipt on the following websites:


When the time arrives for you to open your doors to the public, it’s important to realize that there are certain rules regulating how you can advertise your business. Before choosing permanent signage for your establishment, please consult the City of Kissimmee’s sign ordinance.

Temporary Signage

You are allowed to put up certain temporary signs for your business before and after your business opens. Each sign will require a separate building permit submitted to the City of Kissimmee Building Division. Acceptable temporary signs include:

  • One 21-square foot banner sign

  • One 21-square foot feather banner

  • One cold air balloon

  • One human sign

  • “Future occupant” sign

  • One 8-square foot pedestrian-oriented sign (A-frame sign) *

  • Temporary window signs*

    *These signs are only allowed after a business is open.

Signs that are not allowed in the City of Kissimmee include, but are not limited to:

  • Portable signs

  • Roof signs

  • Snipe signs

  • Animated or flashing signs (except those for message centers)

  • Bunting, pennants, or streamers