Commercial Sanitation Service

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Commercial Collection

Commercial collection is provided in one of two ways:

  • Commercial customers in a detached office setting, generating less than two cubic yards of waste per week, can opt for either the City's Basic or Economy Non-Residential Service
    • a. Basic Service is one garbage container collected twice per week
    • b. Economy Service is one garbage container collected once per we
  • Click here for the Collection Schedule [PDF]
    (Economy collection is either Monday or Tuesday)
  • Commercial customers requiring larger containers, such as dumpsters, compactors or roll-offs, collection services are provided ONLY by the City’s franchised hauler, Waste Management
    • The monthly rate depends upon the size of the dumpster and the number of weekly collections
    • To initiate or change service with Waste Management, please call the City of Kissimmee at 407.518.2507 extension 2600. For roll-off containers, please call Waste Management at 407.843.7370.
  • Click here for Rates
  • Click here for Dumpster Specifications [PDF] 

Green Tip 

Look at what material you are generating and throwing away. Is anything on this list? If so, consider recycling the items, instead of throwing them in the landfill. All you need to do is collect them separately from your trash and bring the items to any location on this page.

Look at the amount of material you are generating. Is it really filling up the dumpster? Do you really need such a large dumpster? Do you really need it emptied as often? If not, consider downsizing to fit your actual needs.