Choosing a Location

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Fountain_Courtyard City of Kissimmee 

The City of Kissimmee has a detailed set of zoning requirements in place which determine appropriate locations for different business types. Before deciding upon a property location, it’s best to determine if the zoning of that property is appropriate for your business. The City of Kissimmee Planning Division will be the best place to look for information about zoning.

Note: Checking the zoning of a property prior to signing a lease or purchase will help minimize any possible delays, costs, or the inability to use the property due to improper zoning. Read about the City's zoning districts for more information on each classification. 

Permitted Use

As you are searching for potential locations for your business, you will notice that each zoning district in the City of Kissimmee is accompanied by a list of specific uses that have been determined as suitable for that district. These permitted uses refer to the business types that are most appropriate for the area according to the amount of traffic they generate, the surrounding uses, and the type of density.

Conditional Use

The regulations for each zoning district within the City of Kissimmee also contain a list of conditional uses. These are uses that, though not particularly well suited for that zoning, may be allowed on a case-by- case basis under certain conditions established by the Planning Advisory Board. This process requires an application for conditional use to be submitted, review by the Development Review Committee and a public hearing by the Planning Advisory Board in order to be approved. Here is a list of the business types that most often need a Conditional Use:

  • Automobile sales

  • Gasoline service stations

  • Temporary labor services

  • Secondhand merchandise

  • Outdoor activities

  • Offices in a RB-2 district

  •  Outdoor storage

  •  Car washes

  •  Self-storage facilities

  •  Churches/schools

  •  Day care facilities

  •  Communication towers

Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

Follow these rules if you’re planning on selling alcohol at your business.

  1. Obtain an application for an alcoholic beverage license from the State

    of Florida.

  2. Get approval from the City of Kissimmee Planning Division prior to making an appointment with the State for permit issuance. This process can take a minimum of 4 business days.

  3. Consumption of alcohol on premises is only allowed in motels, hotels, specialty retail establishments, and restaurants with a minimum of 50 seats (30 seats in the B-1 zoning district) and serving full course meals.

  4. The sale of packaged alcohol, other than beer and wine is only allowed in major shopping centers with more than 12,000 square feet that are in the B-2, B-3, B-4, HC, B-5, or MUPUD zoning districts and that have open to a collector or arterial road.

  5. Any establishment selling alcohol must be more than 500 feet from any school, public or private, and over 300 feet from any established church, unless in the downtown (B-1) Business District. Motels, hotels, and restaurants may be exempted from this requirement.

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