Building Your Business

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Site Plan Review

If your business location requires construction then you will most likely need a Site Plan Review to be performed by the Development Review Committee before you receive a building permit.

The review process is implemented in the following instances:

  1. If any new construction is being performed.

  2. If changes are made to an existing development and meet the following criteria:

    • When single family, duplex, or triplex homes are converted to non-residential uses.

    • When town homes, condos, or multiple-family housing are proposed.

    • Any use requiring Conditional Use Permit approval.

    • Any non-residential modifications including an increase in square footage, an increase in parking spaces, or a change in traffic circulation.

Site Plan Review requires a site plan application and 15 copies of the site plan, drawn to scale. The Building and Planning Division staff will assist you in developing your project and are available to answer any questions you have concerning the processes. Please note that the length of the review process varies.

Mobility and Impact Fees

Mobility and Water/Sewer Impact Fees are required for new development or circumstances that would call for intensified use for existing property. These fees may also apply to certain changes in business for existing structures. These fees fund the capital improvements necessary to absorb increases in traffic and serve residents or users of these developments. Within City limits, the impact fees for commercial development vary depending upon specific use. For questions about specific mobility fees you can contact the City of Kissimmee Planning Division and Toho Water Authority.

Building Permits

If you are planning a new construction or alterations to an existing site, including renovation, a Building Permit must be obtained prior to beginning work. Building Permits may be obtained through the City of Kissimmee’s Building Division.

Certificate of Occupancy

Once building construction for your property has been completed, impact fees have been paid, and a final building inspection has been performed by a City of Kissimmee Building Inspector, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for your building. This allows you to legally occupy the building.