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Tips for Staying Active (Long After New Year’s Resolutions)

Post Date:03/14/2019 5:06 PM

Many People find it difficult to consistently stay active. We all have different lifestyles, schedules and reasons that can keep us from achieving our goals of living healthy, active lives. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions that people have each year is to live a healthier lifestyle but the vast majority of resolutions seem to fail in the first couple months of the year. We asked our residents about their favorite ways to stay active, and while there is not one strategy that fits every person, we have put together some tips to help you stay active long after your New Year’s resolution.



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Make it Enjoyable

If you don’t enjoy something, you’re much less likely to consistently attempt it. With so many ways to be active, why not try something that you’re more likely to enjoy? Many of our residents told us they love to exercise at Kissimmee Lakefront Park. Whether they are walking, running, or biking, they liked the scenic lake views, natural beauty and the wildlife around them. These elements that they found to be beautiful, provided them with motivation to get out regularly. You may prefer being active at a park, going to a gym or exercising in the comfort of your home. Find what you enjoy most and stick with it!


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Choose Activities that Fit Your Lifestyle 

A common reason for not staying active is that we don’t have enough time in our schedule for a long workout or a running routine. We heard from several of our residents who found creative ways to fit a fun and easy exercise time within their busy schedules. If you don’t have time before or after work, try taking a walk or light jog during your lunch break. Our downtown district is designed to be pedestrian friendly and could be perfect for those that work nearby. Maybe using your lunch break isn’t an option for you, but there are other ways to insert exercise into your everyday activities. We heard from people that take the stairs instead of the elevator or have a dance party with their kids in the evening when they get home. Don’t be afraid to be creative when looking for ways to stay active and healthy.


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Make Exercise Social 

If you’re worried about keeping a consistent exercise routine by yourself, find a partner or a group to stay active with. Several of the comments that we received were about running partners or cycling groups that meet at Shingle Creek Regional Trail. You may find that the extra accountability helps provide that additional nudge to help you stay consistent. Talk to friends, family or coworkers to find others who are interested in finding social ways to stay active.


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Prepare Your Plan B 

It’s inevitable that things will come up that could derail your best intentions to stay active. It can be tempting to cancel your exercise plans if it starts to rain before your run or if your exercise partner cancels. A great tip to help keep you motivated is to always have a fall back plan ready. If it’s going to rain, have an indoor exercise option. If you’re feeling more tired than usual, walk. If your workout partner cancels, plan to go anyway. The goal is to stay consistent, even if you have to pivot. 


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