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Kissimmee Fire Department achieves ISO Class 1 Rating

Post Date:02/21/2018 2:39 PM

Kissimmee Fire Station 11 with trucks 

A Rare Distinction 

If you live within Kissimmee city limits you can count yourself as one of the very few people who benefit from a fire department with the highest possible rating. Kissimmee Fire Department (KFD) continues to maintain an ISO Class 1 rating, a distinction that is given to only 1% of fire departments nationwide. Safety is a valuable asset to any community. It's not something that you can always see in front of you, but safety changes the way you feel about an area. At its core, safety is all about protecting families and communities from harm, but it also increases morale and drives up property values. It encourages excellence and makes us feel safe. At it's peak safety even saves us money. Insurance rates fluctuate at the movement of safety related numbers. 

Old historical fire engine Kissimmee Fire Department

What is an ISO Rating?

So how did KFD achieve this rating? The Insurance Service Office (ISO) is an organization that provides statistical information on risk. It was created to help establish appropriate fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties by providing up-to-date information about a community's fire-protection services. ISO analyzes data on emergency communications, the amount of necessary water flow, equipment, staffing, training, geographic distribution of fire companies, operational considerations, community risk reduction, water supply, and more. Fire departments are given an ISO rating ranging from ten to one with one being the best rating. By KFD receiving a Class 1 rating it means that they ranked exceptionally high on each of these criteria, giving our community the distinction as one of the safest places to live.

Kissimmee Fire Department Success 

So to everyone at Kissimmee Fire Department, thank you for working hard to keep us safe and thank you for operating at such an impressively high level. We congratulate you on your success as a department and we share the success with you as a community.