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Fandom Kissimmee

Fandom Kissimmee event flyer City of Kissimmee 

Transport to a world where your favorite characters from comic books, TV, film, and games come alive at the inaugural Fandom Kissimmee. This fantasy, sci-fi, and comic book convention features exhibitions that cater to a wide-spectrum of interests including comic books, magazines, toys, games, cosplay, artwork, and more. In addition, attend panel discussions and demonstrations from comic industry professionals.

Admission to Fandom Kissimmee is free and includes entrance to the panel discusses. Bring the whole family and come dressed as your favorite characters to the City of Kissimmee’s newest family friendly event.



Cosplay is encouraged at Fandom Kissimmee. You can register for the cosplay contest during the event until registration closes at 4:30 pm. The contest for kids 13 and under will begin at 5:00 pm, immediately followed by the contest for teens and adults.

Fandom Kissimmee Cosplay


Demi and Diva Cosplay Duo- “Cosplay and Thrifting”

11:30 AM  - Cypress Conference Room

  • Cosplay isn't as expensive as people think it is. This is a discussion about how cosplay can be super cheap and affordable. No more spending money on fully extravagant items when we can show you the ways of recycled goods. We will cover basic crafting with everyday fabrics or items you find at many thrift shops.

Austin Janowsky- “Breaking Into Your Dream”

11:30 AM - Oak Conference Room

  • This panel is geared toward laying the foundation and bringing ideas to life. Everyone has great ideas, not everyone knows how to bring them to life. In this panel we discuss the initial steps taking by our hosts that set them on the path to success and how you can do the same. Bring your ideas, your dreams and your inspirations to the table and let our panel of experts’ aid in navigation you through the muddy waters of creativity. We’ll break down the beginning steps of creating and make sure you have a clear path to the next stage in bringing your ideas to fruition.

Bruce Carr- “Twisting Up the Odds”

11:30 AM - Sabal Conference Room

  • Join Bruce Carr (aka No Ordinary Balloon Man) as he tells how theatre, balloon art, and his love of cons, ponies, and nerd culture in general have helped him “blow up” to the entertainer he is today. Panel includes inspirational speaking, talk about his memes and video advertisement, and interactive balloon demonstrations.

Dragon Spice Inc“How to Publish Your Own Manga”

12:00 PM & 3:00 PM - Magnolia Room

  • Join the creator of Onkei and the Level Up! series for half an hour of informative fun as she passes on what she learned to the next generation and takes the audience through the ins-and-outs of making the dream of becoming a mangaka a reality!

Nicole Jobin- “Comics in the Classroom”

12:30 PM - Sabal Conference Room

  • Comics are being used across the country to promote reading in classrooms as well as bridging the gaps in skills felt by struggling readers and avid readers alike. This panel brings together educators, comic book retailers, and avid comic book readers to discuss the need for students to delve into this media while thinking analytically and critically about global topics as well as the realization that pictures and art communicate ideas.

Athena Finger- “Batman and His Creators, A Discussion with Athena Finger the Granddaughter of Bill Finger”

1:00 PM - Cypress Conference Room

  • Artist Athena Finger fought for her grandfather, Bill Finger, to receive Co-credit recognition and won in 2015. She has been actively attending conventions to tell Bill’s story and showcase her artwork. She was also featured in the Hulu documentary Batman and Bill sharing her family story how this injustice followed four generations and was finally resolved with his name being attached to the Batman name. She is a supporter of local art and the arts in schools. She also is a co-presenter of the Bill Finger Award at the Will Eisner Award Ceremony at San Diego Comic Con.

Arletta Cosplay - “Comic Con Survival 101 for Beginners”

3:00 PM - Sabal Conference Room

    • This panel is perfect for those who are new to comic cons or those who want to start attending them. Here, you’ll learn about "con buddies", where to stay, and what to do. It’s also a good panel for introverted people, because you’ll learn how to conquer these cons comfortably.

    Guano Guy Comics- Indie Comic Creation

    3:30 PM - Oak Conference Room

      • This panel will discuss the ins-and-outs of being an indie comic creator. We'll talk about the creative process, how to turn idea into physical product, networking, and promotion.

      Primo Cardinalli- “Old Dog with a New Trick”

      4:30 PM - Magnolia Conference Room

        • Artist Primo Cardinalli shares his own experience about getting into his passion of painting later in life. This 30 minute session is about following your dreams and it never being too late.

        Demi and Diva Cosplay Duo- “Charity and Cosplay”

        3:30 PM - Cypress Conference Room

          • Charity and Cosplay will be about organizations that we are a part of and a few others around Central Florida. A few examples are Costume with a Cause, Guardians of Justice, Santa by Scott, and many others. We will go over the experience patrons and cosplayers have, the professionalism, and how to join these types of organizations.

          Gary Roen- “Why I Write Science Fiction”

          4:00 PM - Sabal Conference Room

            • Gary Roen, author of “Journey”, talks about writing sci-fiction compared to other genres and the freedom in writing that comes with it. Based on his own personal stories of writing and being a critic for over 40 years.
            THE DETAILS

            WHO: 2,000+ ⎮ Fun & family-oriented

            WHERE: Kissimmee Civic Center | 201 E. Dakin Avenue, Kissimmee FL 34741

            WHEN: Saturday, September 15, 2018 ⎮ 11 AM – 6 PM

            COST: Admission is free

            VENDORS: Vendor application. 


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