The City of Kissimmee has established an account at SunTrust Bank for the families of Kissimmee Police Officer Matthew Baxter & Sergeant Sam Howard, who were fatally shot in the line of duty on Friday, August 18, 2017.

Traffic Division

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The Traffic Division consists of 10 team members: Superintendent, Foreman, Secretary, six Signal Technicians, and a Utility Worker.

The Traffic Division has many functions and areas in which the staff have the responsibility of managing. The following are some examples of the division's numerous functions:

  • Maintaining existing City traffic signals
  • Maintaining existing City street signs
  • Striping of the City’s streets and parking lots
  • Setting out and collecting data of traffic counters for engineering studies
  • Setting out traffic control devices for special events, parades, etc.
  • Installing overhead lighted street signs
  • Installing banners downtown and along Vine Street
  • Maintaining sign records program through Global Positioning Satellites (GPS)

The Traffic Division consists of: traffic signals, traffic signs and pavement markings