Special Operations and Investigations Division

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The Special Operations and Investigations Division is comprised of multiple units that possess specific areas of expertise.  The Division consists of two sections, the Special Operations Section and the Investigation Section.

The Sections are also cross-trained, which enables them to play a support role for each other, as well as other law enforcement agencies throughout the City, County and State.  A complete list of individual units is below.  Click on the unit name for more information. 

The Special Operations Section consists of the following units:

The Criminal Investigations Section consists of the following units:

The Division is lead by a Captain whose primary responsibility is to ensure the units have the staffing and resources needed to complete their missions.

Contact Information:


 Captain Jeff Tambasco  E-Mail:  jtambasc@kissimmee.org  407-847-0176 ext. 3226
 Lieutenant James Napier  E-Mail:  jnapier@kissimmee.org  407-847-0176 ext. 3048
 Lieutenant Mike Tilton  E-Mail:  mtilton@kissimmee.org  407-847-0176 ext. 3225