Information Technology

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Computer RoomThe Information Technology Department (I.T.) is responsible for maintaining all of the City's computer hardware, network and software products. I.T. oversees more than 600 desktop computers and 170 mobile computers. The department manages the purchasing of the City's computers and computer accessories. In addition, I.T. develops training opportunities for employees, supervises the maintenance of all the City's Web sites, and researches new technology.

The GIS section of IT is responsible for coordinating, implementing and administering Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning systems (GPS) throughout the City. GIS is a computerized mapping system that allows City personnel to see many sources of information on a simple, easy to read map.  Interactive Maps

City staff use GIS to answer questions, such as:

1.Where is the best place to create a new park considering land prices, demographics, proximity to schools and transportation routes?

2. During a Water line break, who are the residents affected and what are their telephone numbers so we can notify them?

3. Where is the best place for our police efforts to best prevent crime?

To collect the geographic data for the GIS such sanitation pipes, the City uses Satellite technology (GPS) to enable them to obtain positions anywhere in the City within an inch accuracy. Information from many systems in the City is mapped and then becomes much more meaningful in a visual map. GIS enables better decision-making and increases government’s knowledge of how citizens may be impacted by these decisions.

Peggy SousaPeggy Sousa

Peggy Sousa has managed the Information Technology department since 1991, promoted to Director of Information Technology in October 1999. She supervises 12 employees and manages a department budget of $1.7 million.

The Information Technology department is responsible for supporting departments with all computer-related functions.

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