Toho Square Redevelopment Project/Mosaic Incore

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Mosaic/Incore Residential

Mosaic/Incore Residential was founded in 1999, out of a passion for multifamily management.      Since that time, Incore Residential has become the leading third-party multifamily management company in Florida. We consistently set new levels of standards within the industry. In each team member, from the President of the company, to the on-site personnel, there exists a passion for the multifamily industry, and a commitment to the key groups of customers Incore Residential serves.

The City of Kissimmee is partnering with Mosaic/Incore to build 16 town-homes in 2 to 3 story buildings; 21/28 flats with available parking structure, structured parking for 400 vehicles in addition to surface parking at the Toho Square Site. 

This development will significantly increase the City's tax base, increase pedestrian traffic, increase the residential stock, base, create jobs, increase parking capacity and catapult Kissimmee into the future.